We don’t like to associate the word “emergency” with “wedding,” but the occasional challenge is likely to pop up on your big day. No need to stress out, though! As long as you have your bridal emergency kit by your side, you have nothing to worry about. But what goes in the kit, you ask? I’m here to fill you in:


For your bridal gown
You spent a lot of time trying on dresses and narrowing them down to the perfect one, so you don’t want anything happening to your outfit on your big day. Unfortunately, life can throw more than a few curve balls at you, including a stain or a tear. Here’s how to conquer any situation that comes up:

White chalk: Carry around some white chalk that matches the tone of your dress. Should you spill anything on your gown, you can use the chalk to mask the stain. Continue to apply the chalk as necessary throughout the night.

Sewing kit: Bring along a mini sewing kit that contains all of the essentials (safety pins, buttons, thread and needles). Should there be a small tear in your dress or veil, you’ll be happy you have these tools to save the day.

For your face
Your makeup is going to look beautiful once it’s applied, and I’m guessing you want to keep it looking that way. These emergency kit items will keep your wedding day look intact:

Makeup essentials: Bring the basics so you can do any touch-ups that you need to throughout the day. Concealer, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara are must-haves. You may also want to bring along blotting papers in case your face gets oily or if it’s particularly hot outside.

Tissues: If you think you might be crying tears of joy on your wedding day, it’s always good to have tissues on hand so your mascara stays in place.

For your accessories
Make sure you don’t have any problems with your jewelry by carrying along these items:

Krazy Glue: This item will come in handy for gluing on shoe heels, nails and jewels if something is bent or torn off.

Earring backs: If I had a dollar for every time that I’ve misplaced the back of an earring, I would be rich. Make sure to carry spare earring backs on your wedding day so your jewelry stays in place throughout the event.

Miscellaneous items
Include these items in your bridal emergency kit as well. After all, better safe than sorry!

Floss: You don’t want to look back at your wedding photo album to discover that you had something in your teeth. Ensure that your smile is picture perfect with some floss.

Snacks: You might get hungry before saying “I do,” so bring along some easy-to-carry snacks, like nuts or granola bars.

Will you be putting together an emergency kit? Share your thoughts with us!

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