Looking for a unique way to enhance your reception? Consider using something as simple as a balloon. If you think kids’ birthday parties are the only venue in which to use balloons, think again! These fun items can contribute a beautiful burst of color to so many aspects of your wedding day. I personally fell in love with balloons after seeing the Disney Pixar movie “Up.” Check out any of these imaginative ways to use this simple tool in your special day:

Ideas for add balloons to your big day from Invitations by Dawn

Save the dates
Balloons are the perfect prop for you and your future spouse to use in your save the dates. Pick your favorite backdrop and carry three colorful balloons – each can have a different number on it to represent the date of your nuptials. For a quirky save the date, draw a bunch of balloons on the pavement and have you and your other half lay down on the ground and act as though you’re holding onto them and floating up in the air. Caption the photo with “Hold onto the date!” for a fun way to inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials.

Another fun idea is to send a Save the Date Balloon. Print your wording and wedding date on a balloon and send it in deflated form to all of your guests. Direct them to blow it up to read the special message!

Balloon arch
Consider saying “I do” under a colorful arch of balloons. You can use structures of balloons throughout your wedding day – surround your cake with one to create a vibrant focal point or put an arch at the entrance of your reception that you and your wedding party can come through to start the celebration.

Pair balloons to your floral centerpieces, or use a gathering of various colored balloons for the star of your reception tables. You can even use a balloon to emulate a hot air balloon by tying it to a rustic wood pot of flowers.

Cake topper
For a youthful cake topper, use mini water balloons to add an adorable accent of color to your dessert. Choose balloons that match the color palette you’ve chosen for your reception. If you love the idea of the traditional figurines atop your cake, you can put a tiny balloon in the hands of the bride and groom to evoke your playful wedding theme.

Are you planning on using balloons in your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us!

Looking for your something blue? Let Invitations by Dawn help with blue wedding color inspiration.

With spring in full swing, I’ve got pastels on the mind – more specifically, dusty blue. This subtle hue is perfect for spring or summer nuptials and is super easy to incorporate into everything from decor to attire. Check out these fun ways to use the color and the best shades to pair with light blue:

Where to use it

Wedding invitations: Set the tone for spring colors with this Sweet Swirls Letterpress Invitation. The stationery is made up of 100-percent cotton...

Use your wedding dress to help choose your wedding hair style.

You’ve finally found the one! Yes, we’re talking about your spouse to be, but we’re also referencing the gorgeous gown that you’ll be wearing down the aisle. All you need to finish off your look is the perfect bouquet, makeup and, of course, flawless hairstyle. The type of gown that you’re wearing can actually help you pick out the best hairdo. Here are a few tips for deciding how to dress up your tresses:

Find inspiration First things first – you’ll want...

Let your personality shine through with a unique cake topper.

Looking for a way to personalize your wedding day? Your cake topper is a super easy way to help the character of you and your spouse shine through. Although you can, you don’t have to stick with the traditional bride-and-groom figurines as your cake topper. Anyone remember in “Sweet Home Alabama” where the newlyweds used two Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on their confection? Here are a few other unique wedding cake toppers for your treat:

Pinwheel Are you and your spouse-to-be carefree...

Invitations by Dawn's Top 10 Floral Wedding Invitations

Flowers and spring go hand in hand, and blooms sprouting out of the ground are a sure sign that warmer weather is headed your way. Flowers on stationery, however, may indicate that there are nuptials in the near future! If you’re planning for a spring wedding, consider any of these beautiful floral wedding invitations:

1. Antique Floral Combine rustic charm and beautiful spring flowers with this gorgeous stationery.  An antique floral pattern dresses up the outside of the invite, and when your guests open it,...

Las Vegas Wedding Ideas from Invitations by Dawn

Las Vegas weddings are commonly associated with last-minute nuptials. Remember the movie “What Happens in Vegas” with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher? This happy couple meets in Vegas and drunkenly ties the knot, only to discover their escapades the next morning. Movies like this have given Sin City a less-than-romantic name when it comes to saying “I do.” But the truth is, a Las Vegas wedding can be classy, beautiful and filled with a whole lot of fun. Let me show...

A marriage license is needed in order to wed and Invitations by Dawn offers advice on how to obtain one.

Once you exchange rings, vows and a kiss, you can celebrate being newlyweds! But in the eyes of the law, you’re going to need a few other things, namely legal documents, that solidify your marriage status. Take a break from coordinating wedding reception decorations and make sure to track down these items to make it official:

Marriage license

A marriage license or wedding license must be presented to your officiant during your nuptials. This document is proof of your new obligation to one another. You’ll...

Invitations by Dawn keeps you on trend with these bridal accessory suggestions.

Your smiling face is going to be the best accessory to your wedding dress, but that’s not to say other things don’t do a great job enhancing your look as well. From bling to jackets, there’s a lot you can do to take your ensemble up a notch. Try out any of these trendy items to rock on your big day:

Floral headbands Want a Bohemian look for your rustic wedding? Brides today are swapping the traditional veil for flowers instead. You can opt...

Invitations by Dawn explains the differences between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator

There are various professionals out there whose job it is to help you plan your big day down to the very last detail. But there are some professionals that appear to have blurred lines when it comes to their job titles. Wedding planners and venue coordinators are two industry leaders that are often confused. Here’s the difference between the two:

Wedding planner Wedding planners are like superheroes. They are there to help with anything and everything that you need, especially in moments of...

New invitation trends: Marble inspired invitations from Invitations by Dawn

Spring is a time for all things fresh and new. This means there are several new trends blooming in the wedding industry. We’ll touch on attire and decor in a some later posts, but for right now, I have a few new wedding invitation trends to share with you all!

Marble You may have heard of marble countertops, but what about marble wedding invitations? This style of textured stationery gives off an artistic, elegant and sophisticated vibe. Plus, the marble design is unique to...