Getting on board with the feather trend

Feathers. They’re light, they’re airy … many brides are finding that they fit in quite nicely with weddings! Some may find feathers to be tacky, but hear me out, when used in the right way, they can bring an extra-special touch to your nuptials. Whether you want to go all out and incorporate feathers into your entire wedding or just stick with a few, here are some simple, chic ways to work these soft, textured elements in:

The dress
A feathered wedding dress is not only gorgeous, but it can give off a lightweight feel while still giving the gown beautiful volume – similar to ruffles (but a bit more modern!) Feathers can be worked into any wedding gown style you may be looking at. My personal favorite has to be the strapless gown with feathers starting from the waist and showering down, creating a full, textured and romantic look.

The invitations
Feathers, when added to invitations, can create a pop of texture and color to an invite. Attach them to the stationary with crystal brads (thanks Pinterest!) or wrap a stunningly vibrant peacock feather around the invites to impress your guests – this is especially perfect if your wedding colors include blues, greens or browns!

The bouquet

Many brides are opting for feathers over flowers when they walk down the aisle. Consider a full fan of feathers or, if you want flowers, add a few feathers into the arrangement to create a soft texture, dimension and maybe even add more color into the mix. Some of the most popular to throw in your blooms are ostrich feathers, peacock feathers and even pheasant feathers!

The centerpieces
Fill vases with a few of your favorite feathers to create a truly stunning arrangement. Much like bouquets, feathers can stand alone or work to accompany flowers, embellishments, fruit and candles! On Pinterest, I found an especially beautiful centerpiece filled with large white feathers and a stunning display of calla lilies. The two work together to create a beautiful blend of textures, perfect for any wedding reception.

The hair
Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding from the Sex and the City movie? She sported a gorgeous blue father in her hair to add a touch of glamour. Although her wedding didn’t quite turn out as planned, her hair still looked gorgeous! If you’re looking for a little something more subtle, try a feathered headband or a small feather to slip into your locks right before the ceremony.


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