You may know what dress you’ll be wearing down the aisle, but have you decided which shoes to slip on your feet when you say “I do?” Just like there are trends in gowns, cakes and decor, there are also trends in wedding footwear. Consider dressing up your feet with any of these unique shoe options for your upcoming autumn wedding:


Brides everywhere are really getting on board with the glitter wedding trend, and why wouldn’t they? Having a bit of sparkle on your big day can make the event even more magical. There are so many ways you can incorporate this sparkle trend into your bridal shoes. Opt for a pair of slingbacks covered with delicate organza flowers that are lined with gold glitter, or select flats with a simple embellished bow (another shoe trend we’ll get to in a minute) sitting atop the toe of the shoe. If you want as much glitter as possible, wear a pair of metallic gold, silver or bronze pumps down the aisle to give your look some extra sparkle and shine.

I’m obsessed with bows, whether they’re on a headband in someone’s hair, on the back of a wedding dress or adorning a pair of heels. Bows are so simple, but they add a chic and romantic touch to your bridal ensemble. They’re especially popular right now. Consider combining trends by looking for a pair of shoes complete with a sparkling bow.

I mean, are you really surprised that lace is a wedding shoe trend? This delicate, feminine material has been hot in the wedding industry for years now, and it’s garnering even more attention in the world of bridal footwear. Wear a pair of ivory strappy heels complete with lace ruffles, or opt for a warmer shoe for your fall wedding, like lace oxfords or a white lace peep-toe heeled boot. Both fit the feel of the season and look simply stunning.

Your grandmother may not be the only one rocking a brooch on your wedding day. Vintage brooches are the perfect touch to a simple wedding shoe. Imagine walking down the aisle in a pair of satin pumps with a diamond brooch detail dressing up the toes. I’m even seeing shoes with brooches attached to the backside of the heel. Having brooches on the back of your shoes will make your footwear pretty to look at from all angles.

Which fall wedding footwear trend is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us!


Charming, rustic weddings are a popular theme among brides, but let’s not forget about sophisticated, urban nuptials! Urban weddings are loved for their elegance, breathtaking skyline backdrops and gorgeous venues like urban rooftops and luxurious penthouses. Your invites should be just as trendy as your big day, so consider any of these beautiful top wedding invitations:

1. Simply Dashing – Seal and Send This dapper invite features an elegant art deco-inspired font, and your wording is surrounded by a stitched denim frame. A...


Much like bridal gowns and wedding invitations, bridal hairstyles are always evolving. But there’s one ‘do that seems to be in style and on trend no matter the year or the season: braids! Beautiful braids are a stunning hairstyle to consider whether you’re tying the knot in the middle of a whimsical garden or in a glamorous hotel ballroom. Here are a few bridal braids that I adore, and the wedding themes that can go along with them:

Formal If you’re a traditional...

Disney fairy tale wedding series: Jasmine

Jasmine is probably one of the most fashionable Disney princesses out there. After all, she rocks a few wedding trends that we’re seeing a lot of this year, like jeweled headbands and crop tops. She also manages to wear hammer pants better than MC Hammer himself. Here’s how to plan a wedding that is as enchanting and regal as Jasmine:

Wedding invitations You can’t have a Disney wedding without the proper princess invitations. This Disney – Exotic Romance Invitation – Jasmine is filled with...

Disney fairy tale wedding series: Ariel

Ariel is the princess who made red hair cool and can be charming even when she can’t talk. But you don’t have to have red tresses and be married to a handsome guy named Eric in order to theme your nuptials around this princess and her nautical world. Just take it from this bride who hosted a ridiculously awesome “The Little Mermaid” wedding, and boy did she nail it. Here’s how to pull off your own Ariel-focused big day:

Under-the-sea wedding invitations Set the...

Sparkler Send Off

Instead of going the traditional route and having guests throw rice, newlyweds are opting for something a little more bold: sparklers. And after seeing all of the adorable Pinterest pictures of couples exiting through a tunnel of light, it’s not difficult to figure out why this trend has taken off. In order to get those wow-worthy photos, you must keep a few things in mind:

Time is of the essence You don’t want your guests lighting their sparklers at different times –...


There’s really nothing not to like about tying the knot in the fall. The scenery is unforgettable, with gold, orange and red leaves falling from the trees and a crisp breeze blowing through the air. Autumn creates an ambiance that’s truly perfect for romance. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your fall wedding, I have a few seasonal ideas right here:

Send out letterpress invitations Fall often brings a cozy, warm feeling with it, and this Contemporary Autumn – Letterpress Invitation...

Disney fairy tale wedding series: Aurora

Princess Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, is known for her gorgeous golden locks and for somehow looking really, really good while under a sleeping curse. This beauty is awakened when Prince Phillip slays Maleficent and finally breaks the spell with true love’s kiss (aww). Channel Aurora when you say “I do” with these Disney-approved ideas:

Wedding invitations No need to search for the perfect princess invitations, because we have them right here. This Disney – Princess Dreams Invitation – Aurora emulates...


There’s a time for the slow, romantic tunes at your wedding reception, and there’s also a time for more upbeat party songs. The following playlist mixes classics with trendy hip-hop tunes to get your guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor:

1. “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida I’m guessing the title of this particular song accurately describes the overall mood of your big day. Everyone there has good feelings, especially you and your new spouse. Sing along to the words...