Every bride wants to look her absolute best when she walks down the aisle. In order to look picture perfect, however, there are certain things you should avoid, and other things that you’ll want to add to your beauty regimen. These bridal beauty do’s and don’ts will help you look flawless for your big day:


Do drink plenty of water
About one month before your wedding date, make a habit out of drinking more water. This will keep your body and skin hydrated to give you a natural glow for your nuptials. If you get bored with the taste of water, try adding fresh fruit, such as lemon or orange slices, to enhance the flavor. You can also set reminders on your phone alerting you to pick up the water bottle and hydrate.

Don’t try new products
You don’t want to switch up your perfume, deodorant, laundry detergent, face wash, etc., right before the wedding. You don’t know what type of reaction you could get from using a new product, and nobody wants to take that gamble right before they walk down the aisle. Consider experimenting with new products after you say “I do.”

Do schedule a beauty trial run
Even if you’re set on a hair and makeup look for your wedding day, schedule a trial run first. This way, you can see exactly how it’s going to look and how it fits in with your wedding theme. You can ask your hairdresser or makeup artist to make tweaks so that it looks exactly how you imagined. You don’t want to realize that you’re not psyched about your wedding look right before you have to walk down the aisle. About two months before your nuptials, experiment with different makeup and hairstyles to see which combination is your favorite.

Don’t get a facial
Getting a facial a few days before your wedding sounds like a great idea. After all, who wouldn’t want clean and refreshed skin for the big day? But if your skin isn’t used to the products being used, your complexion could end up with a rash or several blemishes.

Do opt for waterproof cosmetics
Even if you don’t think you’re going to shed a tear on the day of your wedding, use waterproof makeup anyway. Better safe than sorry, right? Waterproof makeup also protects against sweat. You’ll be able to bust a move on the dance floor without worrying about your makeup smearing.

Do you have any other beauty do’s and don’ts? Share your thoughts with us!


At almost every wedding, you’ll find a cocktail bar – it seems to be an essential part of the wedding reception. While this wedding amenity is certainly popular, it’s not the only type of bar that you can have. Here are a few other fun ideas that you and your guests are sure to love:

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There’s nothing more romantic than a night sky filled with sparkling stars, which is why a star theme is absolutely perfect for your nuptials! Make your big day shimmer and shine with any of these unique star-related wedding ideas:

Wedding invitations Show your love of stars with this Stars Aligned Silver Foil Invitation. The stationery is filled with deep blues and purples to resemble the night sky, and sparkling stars dance across the top and bottom of the invite. Constellations spell out...

Titanic Belfast

Destination weddings are a great options for couples of all budgets and backgrounds, but just what goes in to planning one of these long-distance events? We caught up with Claire Baxter, a destination wedding planner at The Wedding Company with years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry around Ireland and Scotland.

If anyone can tell us what really goes into planning a destination wedding, it’s Claire. Read on to hear her advice for couples, destination or otherwise.

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These days, photo booths at weddings are almost as necessary as a cake and the rings. Guests love being able to snap funny photos that they can share with the bride and groom and even take home for themselves to remember the big day.

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Do you consider yourself a bold bride? If so, you might want to think about using neon hues for your wedding color palette. These bright and vivacious shades can help bring your big day to life. If you’re worried about the colors being too loud or overwhelming, don’t be. I have a few on-trend ideas for incorporating neon:

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It’s the smallest details that can make your big day special, like the lettering on your wedding invitations or the embellishments that help your gown sparkle. Wedding napkins may not sparkle, but they’re just as important when it comes to your wedding reception. In fact, napkins can help carry out your color palette and even speak to the theme of your nuptials. Here’s all you need to know about reception napkins, from what size to choose to what material you should...


Getting married in the Southwest? Then an Aztec wedding theme might be exactly what you’re looking for. Nuptials with a bit of Southwestern flair tend to be filled with vibrant colors, intricately designed patterns and geometric touches. The versatility of the theme allows you to create a wedding that is chock-full of personality and boldness. I personally can’t get enough of this wedding theme. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

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